Swimming competition

How Good Do I Need to Be to Enter Competitions?

You may be worried that you are not a good enough swimmer to enter a swimming competition or swim meet. 

Don’t worry. The chances are that you are already swimming at a level where you could enter a competition. 

As a rule of thumb you should be able to swim 100m comfortably. 

At most swim meets you choose the events that you wish to compete in. So, you choose the distance you are swimming and the stroke. 

Available distances will depend on the swim meet in question. Short course meets take place in a 25m pool and you will usually have a choice of 25m, 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m. If it is a long course meet being held in a 50m pool there will be no 25m option. However, with some meets distances of 800m and 1500m may also be available. 

Except for the backstroke, all events have a dive start. You can dive off the blocks or the side of the pool.

Tumble turns (or flip turns) are not mandatory, a few of our swimmers don’t tumble turn during races.

We recommend that you attend a few of our SwimFit training sessions before entering a swim meet. This will give you some practice before the competition. 

Monday’s training sessions include speed drills and sprints, and sometimes includes diving practice from the blocks. Thursday’s sessions focus on fitness and endurance. You can also ask our coach to help you with any aspects of your stroke that you're not happy with. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club if you have any questions.