Redcliffe swimming coffee and chat

Don't forget we hold a monthly coffee and chat on the last Saturday of very month.

Swim the butterfly

The Butterfly is often considered to be the hardest stroke to swim. 


The backstroke is a great way to keep in physical shape. 

Swimming the Breastroke

Breastroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly are collectively known as the ‘form’ strokes. 

Swimming freestyle

There are many claims to the origins of the freestyle swimming stroke. 

Swimming competition

If you have never swum in a competition before, you may be unsure what the day looks like when you enter a swim meet. 

Special Olympics Swimming Redcliffe

A big thank you to all club members, who volunteered as time-keepers at yesterday’s Special Olympics swimming carnival. 

Swimming competition

You may be worried that you are not a good enough swimmer to enter a swimming competition or swim meet. 

Albany Creek Masters Postal Swim Meet

Albany Creek Masters is holding a postal swim meet throughout April.

Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club MS Swimathon

The Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club has entered a team "The Piranhas" into the MS Swimathon being held on the 15th of May, 2022.