Redcliffe Peninsula Masters swimming club is based at the Redcliffe War Memorial Pool, Sydney Street.

This is a great advantage as you get to train in an Olympic size (50m) swimming pool. Other pools in the area are only 25m long.


Why Join the Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club?

The swimming club welcomes all swimmers, whether you want to train for and enter competitions, or if you just want to swim to keep fit.

The club regularly has teams that compete at Masters Swimming Queensland meets. These meets are open to anyone over the age of 18.

You don’t have to be a competitive swimmer to join the Redcliffe Peninsula Masters swimming club. If you are just looking for a friendly, sociable environment in which to swim, you are still welcome.

Training programs are set that cater to the needs of a wide range of swimming abilities and ages.


Swim with Us For a Month Before You Join

If you are unsure about joining the Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club then why not come along and try a training session? This will only cost you $13*.

This gives you a chance to see if the club meets you needs and expectations.

The coaches will assess your swimming ability and ensure that you are swimming in a lane alongside other swimmers with a similar fitness level.


Swimming Club Training Nights

Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club takes advantage of the SwimFit program that runs on Monday and Thursday evening at the Redcliffe War Memorial Pool, 50 Sydney Street. Our FAQ page has more information on SwimFit.

Sessions start at 6.00 PM.

You will have a different training program to follow at each session. The coaches set the programs according to ability.

Your training program is comprised of three parts:

  • Warm up
  • Main set
  • Swim down

Warm up

This is a few easy laps to get your muscles warmed and prepared for the main set.

Main Set

Once you have warmed up, we step up the pace a little. The main set will help you improve your speed or fitness and, for those who are interested, will help you develop the disciplines required for competition swimming.

Swim Down

If you go to a gym, you will be familiar with the concept of stretching out after a workout. The swim down is the equivalent. The pace eases to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after the exercise.

Monday's training sessions develop your skills and speed, where as Thursday sessions focus on fitness and endurance.

Social Swimming

There are also the social benefits that joining the Redcliffe Peninsula Masters swimming club bring.

If you currently swim on your own, you may find yourself getting bored and hopping out of the pool sooner than you intended.

When you join our club, you will find you lane companions help to spur you on. Sometimes, it helps to have other swimmers of a similar ability around you to motivate you to complete the training program.

We also hold social events throughout the year. This gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other better and spend time just chatting over drinks and food.

Swimming Competions

Being a member of the Redcliffe Peninsual Masters Swimming Club allows you to enter swimming competions and meets run by Masters Swimming Queensland. 

Swimming competions add another dimension to your swimming and there is the social element that comes with being part of a team. You only compete against swimmers in your own age group, so there is always a chance of being a winner.

How to Join the Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club

Want to take the plunge?

If you would like to come along and see if the club is for you, then send us an email:

Alternatively you can send us a message via our Facebook group: Redcliffe Masters Swimming

*prices subject to change without prior notice.


Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club at Belgravia Masters Long Course Meet

Fortunately, Queensland managed to avoid another lockdown and the Belgravia Masters Long Course swim meet was able to go ahead as planned on Saturday 4th September, 2021.

Swimming Club in Sandgate

There is no swimming club in Sandgate for adult swimmers. However, there is one just over the bridge in Redcliffe. Redcliffe Peninsula Masters swimming club is based at the Redcliffe War Memorial Pool, Sydney Street. 

Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club at BSM Short Course Meet 19 June 2021

After what has been a difficult 18 months, it was great to see the Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club represented at the Masters BSM Short Course swim meet on Saturday 19th June, 2021. 

For Christine Howitt and Stephen Lilley this was their first Masters swim meet and both enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to competing again later in the year. This was the first swim meet Terry had been to for a few years and she revelled at swimming in competions again.